Back to Back Clients Win Miss USA!

I left my job after finding out I was pregnant to stay at home with our first born over a decade ago. I didn't realize at that transition how vital a role relationships would play in my next step. I had met a lady at a dinner a few years back and we had a great, organic conversation with no false pretenses.

A few months passed by and we worked together on a few events and little did I know how significant a role those moments would be today. People are always watching work ethic, response, integrity, commitment..etc. when you don't know it.

Years later she called me and asked if I wanted to partner with her in launching a coaching company...and I said yes.

Over the past 10 years, I labored with her and was faithful to HER vision--I served her well (which was perfect since my focus was on my home--I didn't need my own company then). Fast forwarding to today...crowning another client as Miss USA (back-to-back), having a resume that is impressive, and making an impact in the lives of young women from all around the nation and different parts of the world (and not at the expense of my family) is one of the most brilliant moves I could've made.

Here is the principle: Sometimes you just need to partner with someone who has the same moral compass you do and wait for the right moment to build on your own. Learn what you need to learn, keep your heart pure during the process, master your skill and your craft with the "little", and watch how it will open doors to your much. Hope this fuels you on your journey.

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