Before I Give Myself Away, I'm Investing in my Home

I had a busy weekend serving others so I just took the past hour planning for my home. As a fitness and life coach, I invest in quality foods--it's my priority above just about everything..but truth be told, sometimes the boys (including Raymond) just don't go for it.

So this year I made a promise to transform my kitchen --and here's how: 1. Everybody is helping out with cooking--music is on, everybody has a role, and I've noticed the more appliances...the better. By the time we're finished, everybody is excited to try it. 2. I have a collection of recipes that revolves around what everyone likes--but I substitute a lot of ingredients to make it healthier. No one knows as long as it tastes the same. 3. I'm upgrading my food presentation--purchasing sectionals for food, making shapes out of vegetables, using cookie cutters for everything and even using really cool shaped dishes...and for whatever reason, it works! 4. I am planning meals before I go grocery shopping--it felt so good to get back on top of this. I'm picking up chalkboard labels from Hobby Lobby to write dates on everything and just finished organizing my fridge to make it more inviting and much easier to find what I'm looking for and what needs to be thrown away/frozen.

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