Prioritize Your Priorities

If I asked women about about priorities, many would say God, self, spouse, kids, purpose, friends/family (and maybe not in that order); but on a day to day basis, this list plays tug a war with other demands usually based on work/financial obligations.

So I wanted to share the top 3 decisions I've made that have undeniably given me greater personal satisfaction as I prioritize my priorities as a business owner/entrepreneur/purpose driven woman (and I want to hear about yours, too):

1. EVERYTHING has a written vision in my house (what I see for myself, how I want to grow in my relationship with God, what I desire for my marriage, what I see for my kids, and for my personal purpose, etc.) Once a year I update them--but everyday, I'm looking at them because I've got them everywhere--in the pictures in my digital frames, in my journals, on collages, printed and framed on posters. It keeps me inspired and focused.

2. I've decided it's ALL about the pursuit (and who I allow to influence what dictates is most important to me). I am careful about whose voice I follow and who I allow to mentor me. I pay attention to their home FIRST, their philosophies next...and then their success levels before giving them access to influence my thinking. I've learned that it is easy to be deceived into chasing after others "lifestyles" in terms of outward success, but when you take a closer look, they inwardly lack private order. Temptation comes in many forms and can cost us--including the energy we intentionally spend on who and what is most important in our lives.

3. I say NO 99% of the time if its not in line with my vision--even to business invitations. My sons are young and I have a vision of the type mom I want to be--fun, not stressed, enjoyable, pleasurable, an example of womanhood, happy, not always I say no. As they grow, my business will grow and expand...and I've got some amazing things I want to do!! But for now I have a leash on my ambition. I am not aiming to be famous, just impactful.

What are a few of the best decisions you've made to maintain your priorities? Please post below.

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