Happiness is Understanding Yourself

The single most largest factor in happiness is understanding you...how you are made, designed to function, and created to give to this world. In all of our hearts, we long for deep fulfillment that oftentimes things just can't satisfy.

The formula for ultimate happiness is:

Your gifts (special inward unique abilities) and talents in action + the environment/timing you use them in + the exchange/response/acceptance from others = fulfillment and ultimate happiness

Its a cycle...you must first identify, accept and apply your gifts and then others who have meaningful relationships with you will do the same. Anything great must first begin in private.

As you prepare for 2017: 1. Make a list of ALL of your gifts and talents (even if you think they are insignificant AND if you already have an idea of who you are)...there is always more to discover. 2. Begin to "design your happiness" by putting the pieces of your purpose puzzle together. Take notice of what brings you the greatest internal satisfaction and peace; being confused will cloud your happiness and is a threat/bully--so you need clarity. 3. There is more to come, but I would love to hear your thoughts so far! Please post below.

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