When my purpose was different from my plans

When I decided to accept that the purpose of my life was different from the plans I'd made for my life, it wasn't easy. I thought I was headed to medical school with plans to become a doctor when I decided to yield to a different call on my life--to speak to the hearts of women and girls giving them clarity on womanhood using sound principles.

What an amazing journey this has been. It's taken me to different countries, allowed me to author 5 books, placed me before thousands on large platforms and countless more through online coaching and services, and given me front row seats to private mentorship by national and global leaders.

You must accept your purpose. Most don't.

Dr. Myles Munroe said it best: "true success is not in what you accomplish; its in doing what God told you to do--that's why people who build big projects or gain great fame can be successful and depressed at the same time."

The epitome of happiness is found when you anchor your life in purpose.

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