Brook Marie + LauRen Merola Strager, Host of Kiss Mornings on Kiss 95.1 in Charlotte and former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader & Charlotte Hornets HoneyBee Dancer, just released their e-book "ROCK THE SIDELINES: A GIRLS FAVORITE GUIDE TO DANCE AND CHEER FITNESS"! 


Be inspired by LauRen's story and get crazy success principles on what it takes to be a professional dancer and cheerleader.

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Rock the Sidelines: A Girls Favorite Guide to Dance and Cheer Fitness will leave you inspired by LauRen's story in the life of a professional NBA dancer and NFL cheerleader and will give you practical steps to help you:


★ Ditch the cosmetic roller coaster of yo-yo crash diets and quick fixes and instead, be a boss babe on and off the field (or court).


★ Master the behind the scenes lifestyle in this world of dance requires you to be at your best physically, emotionally and mentally. While it is undeniably one of the most exhilarating experiences you may have in public, the private regimen of meal prepping, exercising consistently and taking in quality nutrition is a must.


★This guide is perfect for girls auditioning for a pro team, rookie dancers and cheerleaders and even returning veterans. Each section includes a "Journal” designed to help you capture your story as you chase after your dream plus...


★There are bonus items including recipes and feature stories from our Glam Squad—comprised of other professional dancers from around the nation.


When it all comes down to it, know your goal/ end game and strive to be the best version of yourself you can be. That way whether you hear your name called or not, you can leave it all on the court (or field) and have no regrets.






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LauRen Merola Strager

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Brook Marie is a life and fitness coach for high visibility clients and has helped countless pageant titleholders, NFL cheerleaders and NBA dancers get into the best shape of their lives.  She has authored five books, including  "Rock the Stage: A Girls Favorite Guide to Pageant Fitness", The Best Year Yet, and her latest upcoming book,  "Rock the Sidelines: A Girls Favorite Guide to Dance and Cheer Fitness. Brook is known for inspiring girls to ditch the cosmetic roller coaster of yo yo crash diets and quick fixes and instead coaches them on living a lifestyle.  Her former clients include:

Jasmine Avery, TV Host

Katherine Haik, Miss Teen USA

Kristen Ledlow, Co-Host for Inside Stuff
Kamie Crawford, Miss Teen USA/JAG Model
Michaela Abelgas, National American Miss
Candiace Dillard, Miss United States
Lissette Garcia, Top 15 USA
Madison Guthrie, Top 10 USA
Alyssa Rivera, Top 10 Teen USA
Kristy Landers Niedenfuer, Top 10 USA
Candice Bennatt, Top 10 USA
Charlotte Trattner, Top 10 Miss Teen United States
Acacia Courtney, Top 10 Miss America

LauRen Merola Strager is a little cup of Italian espresso, to get you going!  LauRen truly has a knack for motivating others to reach their full potential. 


With many accomplishments in life, LauRen’s success was not always easy. She believes that you can accomplish and overcome many obstacles by simply NOT becoming a victim of circumstance. Despite the odds LauRen set out to become a professional dancer & cheerleader at a young age. She started her pro career with the NFL’s Miami Dolphins and concluded her decade of performance with the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets.


LauRen grew up in Pittsburgh, PA where in 2008, she got this crazy idea to compete at the nationally televised Miss USA Pageant as Miss Pennsylvania USA and there her media career began. After returning home from her Top 5 placement at the “Super Bowl of pageantry,” she started co-hosting a Pittsburgh Steelers based sports show with a real Super Bowl champion, Jeff Reed.


LauRen graduated from Broward College with a degree in Communications and started working with “The Finsiders,” a sports talk radio on 940WINZ. She also served as host of the Miami Dolphins “Orange Carpet” on game days where she interviewed stars including JLo, Gloria Estefan, and Kim Kardashian, every Sunday!


LauRen successful career in Broadcasting has taken her all over the world, in TV and Radio markets from Miami to Mumbai, India. Her final destination has landed her a position as a Morning Show radio host on “The Maney, Roy & LauRen Show” with Kiss Mornings on Kiss 95.1 in Charlotte NC.Seems only fitting that this one time beauty

queen found her home in non other than, the Queen City!



Are you a former or current professional dancer or cheerleader?  You should consider joining our Glam Squad and help take this “get off the cosmetic roller coaster” message even further, faster. Shoot us a message below and let's chat. #squadgoals 

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