Brook is a masterful communicator on corporate  platforms.  She will leave your audience with an inspiring message and practical timeless tools that will serve as a catalyst for timeless and practical change within your organization.


How to Create a High-Performance Environment

Create space for each of your team members to think critically about their work, performance and how they align to the big picture. This individual work with your employees will help you cultivate new relationships between your people and your business, and give them the opportunity to take ownership over their roles. In this session, you’ll learn how to create a culture that:

  • Encourages employees to realize their potential;

  • Makes their work more rewarding and progressive;

  • Increases their sense of working with purpose; and

  • Opens possible career opportunities or chances for growth.

How Well Are You Balancing Work and Life?

When it comes to the priorities you set for your life, do you feel like you have control, or is your private order keeping you from being able to maximize what’s really important to maximize your role in the larger corporate vision? It’s possible to create more balance and fulfillment with less stress and overload. Brook will show you how to:

  • Identify the core of your frustration, determine the underlying cause, and quantify the impact so you can find a system solution;

  • Develop personal routines that will increase your effectiveness professionally; and 

  • Utilize key tools to help normalize inconsistent habits with more consistent and effective strategies.

Goal Setting, Goal Getting: The Art of Leading to the Big Vision

Are you setting the right goals? How do you know?  Are your team members’ strategies for reaching goals as effective as they could be?  Does your team have the traits needed to reach major goals—and if not, do you know how to develop those traits?

In this fun and fast-paced session, Brook Eneas shares practical, research-based methods to reach your goals faster, more easily and more consistently. You’ll learn:

  • Three foundational principles of effective goal setting;

  • How to set a goal in a way that challenges but doesn’t overwhelm you or your team;

  • The 7 Building Blocks of the “goal getting” process.

  • How to spot and eliminate “Goal Fatigue,” a little-known phenomenon that impacts leaders and employees in demanding environments.

  • Create meaningful goals that boost happiness.

  • Build the confidence you need to reach goals outside your comfort zone.